Date: October 1, 2020

"See About You First."

What does this mean? For me, it means to ensure my internal and external house is in order first because, for the longest, I did not put myself first.

It took me several years to get to a place to say, okay, I will see about me first. My well-being was prioritized --- mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially. I can now show up and show out for others that much more because they can get the healthier version of me. 

It takes a daily conscious effort to choose to put yourself first and then pour into others. 

Self-love is not a selfless or selfish act. It's a selfull one. 

You are filling yourself up, so you can continue to be present for you and others.

Story Time: What's a good example of putting yourself first?

I recently rescued a four-year-old, Cockapoo. His name is Harmony, and he's such a calm, cool, and collected dog.

I have a morning routine and try daily to stick to it. Some days are better than others. I wake up, get out of bed, brush my teeth, take a shower. You know, take care of me first, and then, I'll take Harmony for his morning walk.

Well, lately, I've been sacrificing my morning routine. I hop out of bed and then immediately take the dog for a walk. 

I found myself being in a grumpy state. I fell out of routine for what brought me joy.

Until I remembered three questions, I like to call pulse checks.

I ask myself:

  • How is my head doing?
  • How is my heart doing?
  • How is my body doing?

By this assessment of checking my head, heart, and body, I pinpoint why I feel grumpy. I acknowledge it's early. I'm not much of a morning person, while at the same time, I'm typically happy to go for a walk with Harmony. However, I did not take care of my needs and put myself first.

I encourage you to practice the following:

  1. Put yourself first because you are worthy of doing so. 
  2. When you are ready, ask yourself the three Pulse Check questions at any moment or whenever you feel overwhelmed or stressed. Try to determine how you are doing mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. 
  3. Do one small act of love for you first once you've determined where your most significant pain point lies (i.e., pause, breathe, brush your teeth, drink your tea, or eat). 

There is nothing wrong with seeing about you first— no need to feel shameful or guilty. Loving you first puts you in a position to be the healthiest version for you and others.

In terms of Harmony and me, I wake up much earlier, so I can take care of me first and then give him all the love and belly rubs he's deserving of. Now, I am still a work in progress, like all of us, because self-love is a journey. 

So, a loving reminder is to keep kindness and gentleness at the forefront, as you begin to see about you first and meet yourself where you are in healthy ways. 

Much love and light to you. 

I believe in you and validate you, friend. 


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