You Are Worthy

You Are Worthy is a Radical Self-Love motivational audio to embrace, celebrate, and love all of YOU first from where you are and to know you are worthy to do so through self-love affirmations and strategies.

Let’s start and continue to unlock the magnificence of YOU.


Have you ever been on a conscious journey of loving you? Or are you loving you, but just not prioritizing you first? Perhaps, you tend to put yourself first all the time, and are looking to know when to show up for others? 

If yes, to any one of these questions, then this motivational audio is for you! 

Prioritizing your well-being is what loving you first and knowing you are worthy is all about. It’s a journey.

The 10 segment-audio feeds into each other and takes you on a journey on how to keep yourself full first through reflective and actionable strategies.

What You Will Get

  • Learn how to love you from where you are on your life's journey
  • Learn how to know you are worthy with intentionality
  • The You Are Worthy Reflective Worksheet to jot down what comes up for you throughout or after the audio
  • Radical Self-Love Guide

About Me.

Ajai Scott, MBA, MA is a Radical Self-Love Motivator with a purpose to spread love and light to everyday folks on how to self-love from where you are, how to love you first and to know you are not alone through motivational affirmations, coaching, and strategies. 

Self-love is individual work and Radical is collective work. We need each other to radically love ourselves. She is a God girl and her work is for you to love, celebrate, and embrace all of YOU first while still keeping others at the forefront.✨ 

Ajai's favorite three words are Love. Light. Laugh.

They Say

Adwoa Asare, MBA

Program Manager

“I loved the "selfull" concept. I struggle with being selfless and then getting so worn out that I become selfish. During this insight, Ajai walked me through some concrete steps that I can take to walk in my own truth. I realized that I am worthy of time, attention, and love!”

Torrey Dozier

Delivery Driver

“The audio really inspired me to focus on Me more. It inspired me to love myself more so I can pour into others. The analogy of the boat was awesome and very understandable. I really enjoyed it and can’t wait to hear more.”

Dr. Ashely Sterlin


“After listening to the You are Worthy motivational audio, I am going to finish my wellness podcast project. Due to negative self-talk and not feeling worthy, I’ve been stalling on sharing my words of wisdom. But now I’ve Acknowledged these thoughts and will Act in what’s in my heart. Thanks Ajai!”

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Let’s start and continue to unlock the magnificence of YOU. It’s your time, friend. Get your audio, it’s ready for you. 

Your purchase includes:

  • You Are Worthy Streaming Motivational Audio (50 minutes with 10 Segments ) 
  • You Are Worthy Reflective Worksheet
  • Radical Self-Love Guide