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It's a time like no other to begin and continue to love yourself first and prioritize your well-being.

I'm Ajai Scott, MBA, MA, a Radical Self-Love Motivator with a purpose to spread love and light to you. I help and motivate you to love you first, to keep others at the forefront, and to know you are not alone through actionable self-love steps, and coaching.

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Radical Self-Love

what can radical self-love help you with? 

The work of Radical Self- Love is to love you first, to recognize you are not alone, and to keep others at the forefront.

“Self-Love is mind, body, spirit in alignment. Radical is to share authentically your joys and pains with others and vise versa.”


About Me

I'm an everyday person embracing daily the magnificence of me.

I mean, my quirks, awkwardness, curves and all.

As a Radical Self-Love Motivator, my work is for you, the everyday leader of your life, to embrace your magnificence. What that means is I help and motivate you to love you first, to keep others at the forefront, and to know you are not alone.

Self-Love is individual work, and the Radical is collective work. We need each other to radically love ourselves.

They Say

Cole Bailey

Founder of The Agorá Company

“ I had the pleasure of having Ajai Scott speak at one of my events, and I’m thankful I did. The women that attended the event left feeling uplifted and loved. Ajai truly knows how to connect with women. She left the audience motivated, ready to love themselves radically.”

Dr. Ashely Sterlin


“Due to negative self-talk and not feeling worthy, I’ve been stalling on sharing my words of wisdom. But now I’ve Acknowledged these thoughts and will Act in what’s in my heart. Thanks Ajai!”

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